Euro Inferno (waving_pickle) wrote in naruten,
Euro Inferno

Name/Alias/Nickname: Pickly, W.P, Wave Puffy Pickle Dog for all I care.

Means of Finding Community: Typed In Naruto/Tenten, because I thought it'd be funny, and ended up actally finding something.

Reason(s) Why You Like NaruTen: Something I find importent in any relationship is a common ground. No matter how cute they are- no relationship can remain stable if you can not find understanding on some part. Want more? Go here: http://

Additional Pairings: Almost all and any crack/alt. pairings. One I can think of right off the bat: Temari/Rock Lee.

Little Facts: When feeling low, I go out and do something completly insane. I once went to a puplic swimimg pool in a winter jumpsuit. They kicked me out.. It was funny. I'm koren- and hate being sterotyped...

Gift: My little, crappy gifts: http://
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