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Oi, the Naruto x Tenten fanfic

Hopefully I'd finish it by next week... If not, I'll still post it up. Anyways, here' s a little in on it.

Tenten, a Natural that lives in ORB. Her parents were killed by Coordinators and the Federation didn't do anything to help the poor girl. Kira and Lacus found here half dead due to hunger brung her back home, ORB.

Naruto, striving to be Hokage in the PLANT Konoha, meets an unexpected twist in life that will crush this dream. From then, his team (Sakura and Sasuke) along with the current Godaime and Kakashi travels to places to survive.

Naruto pilots Strike from Gundam Seed, Tenten pilots Sandrock from Endless Waltz. Now a sneak peek....

Running to get ramen, he bumps into someone falling on top. Naruto then found himself looking at the most beautiful brown amber eyes he ever seen. Likewise, Tenten herself was lost in the deep cerulean eyes. Then they thought 'Why's my left breast/ right hand is so warm?'

Looking down, Naruto jumped, shouted 'Gomen' at least 20 times before running off.
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