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Naruto & Tenten // Stubborn Dedication
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Welcome to Stubborn Dedication, the (second) Uzumaki Naruto x Tenten fan community.


This is the second (and hopefully active) fan community for the characters Uzumaki Naruto and Tenten from the anime/manga series, Naruto by Masashi Kishomoto. Dedicated to their (possible) relationship, it is your decision whether you like this pair's relationship as platonic love or romantic. All fans who are at least fond of this pairing are very welcome to join. Naruto/Tenten-related things are openly encouraged to be posted here whenever you wish. This includes: fan fiction, fan art, recommendations, speculations, discussions, essays, wallpapers: basically anything related to either character or a relationship between them.


1. Refrain from flaming the other members, or mods in this community. Refrain from mocking another for their personal preferences in pairings/opinion. Refrain from bashing these fictional characters or the fan pairing itself from the anime/manga series, Naruto. Doing so will get you banned. Polite, formal, or casual debates are fine. Name-calling, rude insults, and obscene mockery is not, and never will be allowed here. This community is meant to be peaceful.

2. Reviews for fan fictions, icons, and/or fan art should be stated in a civil tone. Flames, or blatant mockery will be not be tolerated in any form or shape whatsoever. On the other hand, constructive criticism and/or critiques are welcomed and encouraged here.

3. Do not post completely off-topic, inappropriate or offensive posts to this community. An initial warning will be given to the poster, and if they do not delete it, the post will be deleted accordingly by one of the mods. Going a little off-topic is fine on the comment board.1

4. Please try to make to an effort to use proper spelling and grammar. Net-Speak and the over-abuse of emoticons is foolish and intolerable. Basically: DoNt tpye liek tihs LOLZ!!!1!!1.

5. All fanworks (fan fictions, fanart, and clusters of icons over the limit of five) are expected to be placed behind a lj-cut regardless of size. G to NC-17 is allowed here, however all fan fictions or fanart that you believe are not worksafe (excessive gore/blood, character death, mild nudity, pr0n) and/or otherwise rated R to NC-17 are to be labelled as such with prior given warnings.

6. Do mark your spoilers. Consider anything that has not been shown in the anime version of this series from the manga version as a high spoiler.2

7. Advertising should be approved by the mods initially before posting. But before you do, please make sure it is either related to the series Naruto, or to the respective characters, Uzumaki Naruto and Tenten.

If you know you can accept and conform to these rules, then feel free to join any time.

1 - As long as you do not go overboard and/or if the original creator of the post does not mind. Spamming an email inbox is unwelcomed and highly unappreciated.

2 - This requirement does not go to the filler episodes of the Naruto Anime, though.

Similarly lurkers are welcome to this community. Although it would certainly be nice to post or comment once in a while, do not feel that you are obliged to post and comment consistently.

Posting Format:

Introduction posts are allowed in this community in case you were wondering. If you just joined then feel free to let the other members know you are alive and kicking in this community. Below is the introduction format. Use it if you wish to make yourself an introduction (I.e if you are not a lurker).

Name/Alias/Nickname: (Or at least something we can call you by)

Means of Finding Community: (Did you type in one of our Interests and find it? Or did a friend recommend this community to you?)

Reason(s) Why You Like NaruTen: (Give us a reason, even the old, 'they look cute together' excuse is fine.)

Additional Pairings: (Do you adore any other Naruto pairing aside from NaruTen? List them if you would like to.)

Little Facts: (Have anything about yourself you would like to say? An odd quirk or idiosyncrasy? Whatever you find interesting about yourself you are welcome to share)

Gift: (Do you have any quotes, song lyrics, fan fiction, fanart, or icon to share for this alternate pairing? Then drop a link or post it below here)

Fanworks Format:

When posting your NaruTen related fanworks, please try to follow a format similiar to this.

Author's Notes:
(If you have anything to say)

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